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Dr. Xavier P. Ordonez is a Low vision doctor in Whittier. Dr. Ordonez is Residency trained in Low Vision Rehabilitation from the State University of New York. With the use of high-powered spectacles and magnifiers,  Dr. Ordonez can improve your quality of life by enabling you to read again.  There are numerous devices available to aid in reading and everyday activities. 

Telescopes can be used for driving in California. Bioptic telescopes will enable you to drive in California on a restricted license. The bioptic telescopes are mounted on a spectacle frame with your prescription for distance. Telescopic powers range from 2.0x to 4.0 times magnification.

Macular Degeneration is one of the leading causes of blindness which affects your central vision. By using high powered magnifiers, we can utilize your peripheral vision to enable you to read again. Also, there are various tints available which can improve your vision by enhancing the contrast.


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